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Teasel Nursery

A truly exciting opportunity has arrived at Willowtree Marina!

Teasel Nursery is now open and promises to provide an educational experience of unique quality for children of early years age in the area.

Very experienced early years professionals, bubbling with great enthusiasm and sound ideas, have recently signed an agreement to run the nursery along lines which will gladden the heart of many parents.

One intention is to utilise the outside woodland to observe and experience the natural changes that occur throughout the year in a safe and responsible manner.

Another is to enable the children to become companions in their own educational development along with parents and staff. Networking opportunities and parenting events will also be available.

The whole emphasis will be on the sympathetic social and educational development of the children and give them the very best grounding when the time comes for moving on to school.

For more details visit the website at: http://www.teaselnurseryschool.com/

or contact by e-mail on info@teaselnurseryschool.com

or ring: weekdays 0208-845-7362


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