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The Marina

Willowtree Marina, located on the Paddington Arm of the Grand Union Canal in West London, offers that rare combination of easy accessibility, security and attractiveness for so many canal based activities.

There is a quiet pride in what is on offer here and we hope you will feel this too. Willowtree Marina has set its sights on becoming a leader on the Inland Waterways. A desire to uphold the best of our canal past has been coupled to a management commitment for Customer Care, Quality Assurance and Environmental Protection.

Whatever it is you are looking for - be it moorings for boats, locations for filming, a centre for canal events, wildlife photography, walking,boat hire base, etc. - Willowtree Marina should be your first port of call.

NEWS - Housing Costs Forcing Move to Waterways

The rise in houseboat ownership in London has put the capital's canals under immense preasure, as a growing number of people choose the cheaper option of living on the water as a way of coping with unaffordable high rent prices.

Overall there has been a 36% rise in boat numbers in the last five years. However some hotspots in London have seen a 85% increase in boat numbers in the last year alone.

But as the number of boats rise London's waterways are struggling to cope, according to the Canal and River Trust. CRT recently had to take on extra staff and volunteers to cope with this rise in numbers.

Most boat owners in London have continous cruising licences, which mean that boats can't stay in the same area for more than two weeks. New regulations also mean boats need to travel a minimum of 20 miles per year to ensure they don't just move short distances in the same popular areas.

One unexpected issue which has come to light is the increasing tension between new boaters and the older members of the community who have been boating for years.

'New boaters need to understand the nature of their boats.' said one boat owner of more than 18 years. 'I really feel strongly about this. Those canals were built by a lot of hard-working people. They were built for boats to move on not for people to doss on or looking for somewhere cheap to live.'

He advises anyone thinking about buying a boat to hire one first. 'You'll be taught how to steer it, how to check the engine every day and that way you'll find out if you actually like living on a boat.'


NEWS - Teasel Nursery Wins National Award

Teasel Nursery was only established 12 months ago at Willowtree Marina and has already scooped a nationally prestigious award from Nursery World. Competition was intense with some very exceptional and committed entries, but eventually Teasel Nursery was judged to be the clear winner.

The category was 'Enabling Environments' and Teasel exhibited, in the words of the judges, 'Vision, ethos and philosophy in buckets.'

This is a great start for the nursery and we all wish them the very best in the future. I wonder what they'll achieve next year?

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Unsolicited Testimonial

"We have really enjoyed our stay at Willowtree. The people are great and you guys have been fantastic. We have loved the proximity to London and have been using the boat as a base to go explore every weekend.

If our circumstances change and we are able to move south again, we would be grateful if you would put us on the waiting list."


Internet Wifi

Willowtree Marina moorers have acess to the internet from their boats via a wifi link. This is available to visiting boats as well. Just ask in the marina office for details.


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